What’s in YOUR Pantry?


So, I mentioned in an earlier post that I had finally bit the bullet and went Paleo.  However, I still kept stuff in my pantry for last minute pot-lucks such as Trader Joe’s Tortellini, Duncan Hines Yellow Cake, Jell-O, and the ingredients for White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies (to die for).  

A month later, I thought to myself that I was pretty selfish for valuing myself enough to eat right, but I was willing to poison my friends and  co-workers with gluten and sugar because I was too lazy to make a proper palpable paleo dish.

Once I threw all the dirty grains and all forms of sugar out, I realized I had nothing in my pantry but tea, cocoa powder, olive oil, spices, and vegemite (don’t ask…it’s a souvenir).  I realized that all of the foods on the “outer perimeter” of the supermarket that the Zone diet prescribes (i.e. produce, eggs, meats, etc) all have relatively no shelf life and must be consumed fresh.  

Any of you paleo eaters out there look in your pantry lately?  What do you see, besides the cobwebs and dust bunnies?  It seems that the proportion of food missing in the pantry is equal to the amount that grew in the fridge!  Greens, apples, asparagus, half eaten avocados, berries, almond butter, Lindner’s bison, and stacks and stacks of freakin tuperware.  

Post pantry contents to comments.


~ by ruth on May 20, 2009.

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