2009 So Cal Regionals

3465889759_f2495c8c55_oSo I get this ingenious idea in January of this year to sign up for the So Cal Regionals, thinking that it would be a great motivator to get myself re-conditioned after recovering from a snowboarding mishap.  Hubris or not, I wanted face my fears.   That’s what CrossFit’s all about, right?  

One week out, the nerves kicked in.  The anticipation for Wednesday, the day they posted the WODs, was unbearable.  You remember the feeling of walking into the box and immediately searching the whiteboard for the daily WOD?  This was MUCH worse.  I think I sent Chip a text  at 6am to let him know it was posted.   The WODs looked tough, but at least the movements were familiar enough.  

On the day of the regionals, I woke up in a surprisingly zen mood.  I figured, I could only do my best, which was hopefully good enough.  Made some coffee, a ridiculously meticulously weighed breakfast, and made sure I had both pairs of shoes packed.  

The first WOD snuck up on me.  I checked in, got assigned a judge, and before I knew it, I heard 3,2,1, Go!  I had thought the pullups would’ve been the worst of it and that the squats would be the break.  It was the complete opposite.  My legs were well fatigued going from cleans to squats and the pullups were bad, but aside from the tears, not so bad.  

For WOD 2, someone told me to make sure I “pace the run.”  I was actually laughing in my head during the laps that followed the OHS.  Pace?  I was lucky to get my right foot in front of my left.  It was really uplifting during my last set of OHS–I heard a lot of screams of encouragement from the sidelines.  I cast a quick glance and realized (with dismay) that many of the voices were from the girls in my heat…who were not only finished, but RECOVERED enough to be jumping up and down screaming for me.  It was quite inspiring…and humbling!

By the following day, the jitters were more or less gone.  The girls in my heat bonded while we waited in the cool hallway for our turn.   The row was intimidating, but Steve Serrano reminded me of Angie Hart’s FGB rowing technique, which was what got me through the 2k row.  Did step ups on the boxes to recover.  Then I picked up my nemesis wallball and that’s when it went downhill.  For every 10 WBs, I did at least 15.  The ball would either not make contact above the line, drop to the ground, or just not make contact at all.  It was the ultimate mindfuck for me.  I was barely halfway through when Kristen (1st place) finished.  In the end, I was one full round and one WB behind when the time ran out.  I stumbled over to the score card where I saw someone write DNF.  I signed my name numbly and walked away.  

I found a cool spot to sit and wallow in my disappointment.  It was pretty awful.  My friend Dani (CF Invictus) found me and gently told me to buck up and make WB my bitch.  It took a few minutes to sink in, but I realized it then:

CrossFit is not about self-pity.  It is not about beating yourself up (mentally at least).  It’s about finding your weaknesses and crushing them so they don’t crush you.  It’s about setting goals and aggressively achieving them.   It’s about determination and commitment.  Most importantly, it’s about getting in the ring every day and proving to yourself that you can push harder, past the point where your mind and body want to give up.  I have 330-ish days to train for next year.  You better believe WB will be my bitch by then.


~ by ruth on May 10, 2009.

One Response to “2009 So Cal Regionals”

  1. The true question is — will MBC/Burpee/WB be your bitch too? LOL

    Seriously though Ruth, you kicked ass and were inspirational out there. I have no doubt next year “DNF” won’t be in your vocabulary.

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