Jump Around

With half the gym doing crazy circus box jumps lately, I figured I’d look through the blogs and forums to see what the CrossFit community had to say about them. I found an interesting post by David Meverden laying out a standard for box jumps relative to hip height.

He starts by measuring the bony protrusion of the hip (part of the femur called the Greater Trochanter). He then divides his max box jump by his hip height, which is most fair since basing it off of total height does not account for leg length. Example: if my hip height was 36″ (in my dreams) and my max box jump was 51″, then my ratio would be 142%. By his standards, a phenomenal ratio would be 150% or so.

Check out CF Delaware Valley’s Box Battle Video. Looks like an average night at our box… minus the post WOD beers…

So, what’s your ratio? Post to comments.


~ by ruth on April 9, 2009.

One Response to “Jump Around”

  1. hmmm, looks like i’ve got some work to do. thanks for this post!

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