Mind Over Max (Oly Session, Part II )

So much of max lifts is MENTAL. Let’s say you approach your max back squat and attempt a PR. You walk up to the rack, unrack the bar, and think, “Mother of all that’s holy, that’s HEAVY!” You take a few breaths and try to psyche yourself up, but the damage is done. Your mind has already told your body that the bar is heavy, that you can’t possibly stand with this weight much longer much less squat it…

Greg suggested an exercise you can do after you’ve completed your max lift WOD. Try putting more weight on the bar, unracking it, and just standing with it to feel the weight, re-racking, and repeat 3x.

Mentally, you’re telling your body to recognize this weight next time you attempt it for a max so that it’s not so surprising when you unrack it. Try it next time you BS, FS, SP, etc.


~ by ruth on March 29, 2009.

One Response to “Mind Over Max (Oly Session, Part II )”

  1. Great post! I remember reading about this before and intending to do it but never have. I’ll have to try it this week!

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