Athlete Profile: Stephen with a “ph”

Drank Kool-Aid: Oct 08
Favorite Girl: Helen
CrossFit Superpower: Perfect squats & mad hops (51″ box jumps!)
Least Fave Movement: Anything overhead

Stephen is one of our morning class studs who often challenges Pukie by taking on two wods in a day. Armed with shirts that say “I’m a Keeper” or one that pays homage to the Golden Girls (I’m not kidding), Stephen embodies the very best qualities of CrossFit: integrity in range of motion, persistence in challenging himself, and tenacity in attacking every wod.

Recently Stephen was introduced to Linda (aka 3 Bars of Death) and I was inspired watching him get throught it. Anyone who has ever experienced Linda knows the grueling mental aspect of it. Stephen also participated in a max box jump day (post wod, mind you) and got a PR of 51″!!

Keep up the good work, Stephen!


~ by ruth on March 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Athlete Profile: Stephen with a “ph””

  1. Stephen needs to get working on a higher jump since Al said 54″ was done by another CF. He might need the soccer socks to do it 🙂

  2. oh marcus

  3. […] big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to our buddy, Stephen – with a PH! He’s always approaching the WODs with fervor and tenacity all while having a great time that […]

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